Drinking In The Joy

Drinking In The Joy Many years ago, one evening on a late August day, I was in my backyard watering a row of sunflowers I had planted against a side fence.  It had been another hot, dry day, and I enjoyed the pleasure of getting slightly splashed at the same time I was watering the flowers.  The cool water Continue reading

The New Holiday Spirit

The New Holiday Spirit: Soulful Antidotes for Seasonal Insanity December 21 represents the Winter Solstice, that time in our Earth’s relationship to the sun which creates the shortest day and longest night of the whole year.   It’s a reminder to turn inward toward peace and quiet, a perfect time for contemplation and reflection, a way Continue reading

Stress Be Gone: Part One

Stress Be Gone: Part One How each of us deals with, wrestles with, and otherwise manages (on our best days) the various kinds of stress in our life, is a huge subject.  Sometimes we just plow through and hope for the best.  Sometimes we are brought to a standstill by the effects of stress by Continue reading

Mind Body Connection: Depression

Mind Body Connection: Depression The mind body connection never ceases to amaze me.  The ties that bind the two are incredibly strong, and everyday, emerging science shows how powerful an affect they can have on each other – altering our health, our general outlook, our attitudes, our happiness. Physical and social pain share much the same neural Continue reading