Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

You can choose from the following topics, or contact Randi to discuss a personalized presentation for your Event.

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Sustainable From the Inside Out:  Finding Heart and Spirit in the Business World

This presentation will draw upon the experience and perspective of an entrepreneur behind a purpose minded green business, and will address the question of how to bring consciousness, mindfulness, and self-care into every aspect of our work lives for maximum success.  It offers  inspiration for creating a more holistic engagement with self, family, community, and the world at large for a truly sustainable vision for the future.

Topics Covered:

  • How to be a spiritual warrior at work and be a change agent in the world
  • How to practice radical self-care to avoid burnout
  • Four ancient Yogic principles for maximum self-efficacy and highest achievement
  • How to recognize and nurture mindful thoughts and actions that will guide you and your company to success
  • Learn how mindfulness can bring more creativity, balance, and focus into everyday tasking

The Magic Sauce To Nourish and Flourish:  Using Mindfulness In Action To Envision, Attract and Create the life you were meant to live

Create a life filled with more energy, purpose, wisdom and insight.  Discover how real and lasting change comes with a simple step-by-step process with proven results. Through techniques around Mindfulness in Action, Randi’s approach to integrating mindfulness through daily habits, you can begin to map out the journey you’ll take toward realizing your dreams.  It starts with creating a personal wellbeing kit with a variety of tools at your disposal.

Randi makes connections that make sense.  Participants in this event will learn how to:

  • Become your best habits: re-making your wellness profile
  • Use the sacred number 108 to break through obstacles and challenges
  • Utilize practical solutions when feeling overwhelmed by negativity, gloom-and-doom people, and a chaotic and unpredictable world
  • Make Surroundings Matter: Change your space, change your outlook
  • Manifest a personal vision informed by holistic connections between self, family, community and world-at-large

Insight Can’t Be Outsourced:  Creative Thinking is a DIY Effort

Creativity for any purpose and for any reason is a sacred act that must be honored and nurtured if it is to thrive and grow.  Everyone holds deep reserves of creativity within them. For some people, it can flow uninhibited whenever it is called upon.  For many of us, accessing our creativity is a little more problematic – engaging with right brain activity is an emergence into the unknown and can be nerve-wracking and intimidating.  But we all need to be comfortable with that mysterious landscape and use it to our full advantage for idea making, inspiration, and even practical problem solving.

Join former documentary filmmaker and screenwriter, green business entrepreneur, and author  Randi Ragan for an event devoted to helping you create the success you want by accessing your own overflowing well of creativity.

Participants will learn to:

  • Develop inner wisdom: how to connect to your heart and manifest your most creative desires
  • Ask the 4 questions that lead to creative breakthroughs
  • Harness non-linear thinking for more creative output
  • Use holistic connections between body, mind, spirit and heart to support your creative endeavors on all levels – from conception to execution to presentation
  • Fashion a workspace to reflect and nurture your creative efforts
  • Use simple everyday rituals to generate creative juices and keep them flowing

Mindfulness For Transitions:  The Secret to Success in Times of Crisis

The world around us can certainly feel chaotic, damaged, and irretrievably broken at times, and this high level of angst is seeping into our personal lives in epic proportions:  divorce, foreclosure, addiction, illness, bankruptcy, job loss, aging parents - these are just some of the events that can wreak havoc on our lives and cause enormous stress.  But the truth is, all of life is transition from one state to the next. If one thing is certain about life (besides death and taxes!) it is that everything changes. The key is to remain hopeful and optimistic when we least feel like it.

Knowing how to use Mindfulness in Action can help us surf through even the most turbulent waters of transitions. It can help us to nurture the thoughts and actions that will enable us to shed light upon a new and positive path and help us meet any challenge with strength, courage, grace and determination.

  • Shift Happens: Find creative solutions to difficult problems and place yourself in service of the cause of the shift, not at the effect of the shift
  • Learn how to use mindfulness to guide fraught relationships with coworkers, friends, and family
  • Develop self-care habits that can give you energy and staying power when you need it the most
  • Engage essential tools for maintaining calm and focus in a storm when all those about you are losing their heads
  • Use failure to awaken your personal power and guide you to the next phase on your journey

You’ve Got This, Girlfriend!  Mindfully Harnessing Your Innate Female Intelligence

Slowly but surely the world is coming around to recognizing and honoring intrinsic female gifts and traits that previously have been dismissed and undervalued in women.  But deep listening skills, intuition, empathy, non-linear thinking, and a comfort factor with collective problem solving are proving to be too vital to be ignored. Now is your moment to awaken and transform these gifts into tools that you can employ for greater business and personal success.

Randi Ragan shows you how to put together a personal toolkit to guide your life towards more success, satisfaction and fulfillment. You can create a life that is nurtured on all levels of mind, body, heart & spirit, and that truly reflects who you are as a woman. These techniques are the simplest, easiest ways to connect and integrate lasting change into your busy life and which address your most vexing challenges:  time, budget, information overload, defining priorities.

In Randi’s presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • Clearing the Way: Four Habits to Banish For Successful Life Breakthroughs
  • Discovering the many ways to employ your innate female intelligences
  • How simple everyday mindfulness practices can rocket you towards your dreams and goals.
  • Managing stress and avoiding burnout as priorities of fundamental soul-tending practices
  • How to get better at managing changes, make big decisions and creating personal vision, and most of all, OWNING SUCCESS!