Green Armpits: Eco Beautiful Ways To Deal With BO

Green Armpits: Eco Beautiful Ways To Deal With BO It’s a stinky subject, to be sure, but we are nothing if not intrepid in our approach to solving this very annoying problem. Who sweats, who doesn’t, who’s smelly, who isn’t: those are questions best left to the doctors and scientists. We are interested in figuring Continue reading

April Fools…

April Fools… This is no joke: Women do not like to be made fool’s of. In the spirit of education and enlightenment, it’s critical that we all begin to read the labels of our personal care products. What you will find, if you investigate, are an outrageous array of highly toxic ingredients that also show Continue reading

Simple Cures for the Breakout Blues

Simple Cures for the Breakout Blues (An Anti-Acne Guide) ”You are what you eat” was never more true than in looking at the causes/cures for teenage acne (and adult acne as well). Sometimes all it takes to get rid of acneand re-balance the skin are simple changes in diet, a clearer understanding of what is Continue reading

I’m Not A Cockeyed Optimist

I’m Not A Cockeyed Optimist, Though I Aspire To Be One I wish I could be an unflappably, buoyant optimist, one who stood strong against the daily bafflements of the world around me. But I have a lot of hours, a lot of days of complete and total “chicken little” worry. Which, considering the state Continue reading