Mindfulness As Good Medicine

Mindfulness As Good Medicine Every day a new report surfaces to trumpet what we should all be doing to be healthier:  The secret is probiotics!  Turn upside down for 5 minutes every day!  Eat no white food:  sugar, flour, dairy! Drink 5 cups of green tea every day!  Get colonics once a month!  Eat 1/2 Continue reading

Raise Greener Kids, Tips From Randi Ragan (Video)

Instill a Sustainable Mentality, Raise Greener Kids Randi Ragan Offers Tips for Parents On How to Raise Greener Kids. When you consider ways you could raise greener kids in today’s world it’s a difficult prospect. There’s so much to consider and modern parents are challenged with very little time to focus on things that might seem trivial to the average Continue reading