A Year of Living Mindfully

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Reboot Your Wellbeing

Create Deep Transformation

Make connections between your everyday health and wellness habits to a life filled with vitality, fearlessness, wise purpose, and spiritual sustenance. This elegant guidebook for awakened holistic living distills the basics and offers up practical solutions for busy people who yearn for lasting results.

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What You’ll Discover:

  • Wellbeing transformation begins the moment  you get out of bed every day.  It isn’t complicated, it’s not expensive, and you don’t need to be an expert to experience it.
  • Mundane self-care routines can be turned into truly satisfying rituals which spark lasting wellbeing from the inside out. When self-care is a priority, the rest of your life is organized around it for the best possible results.
  • Slowing down and connecting to rhythms and energies of the natural world (seasonal living in action) is a sustainable solution to stress, burnout, illness, fear and anxiety
  • Insight can’t be outsourced: Your mindful self-care habits become perfect DIY wisdom traditions. Self-knowledge and agency support your health and wellness liberation.
  • Your personal wellbeing habits can positively affect your home and family life, community, and the world at large.

What People Are Saying

"This book is a bible for rebooting your life in every way - body, mind, and soul. What a gift!"

Kathy Freston, New York Times bestselling author of Quantum Wellness; Oprah's "Super Soul Sundays”

“Reading this book is like taking a quiet walk in nature with a close friend. It's full of practical wisdom for creating holistic rituals to live a conscious, healthy, and joyous life. This is self-care at its finest.”

Insider's Guide to Spas

"I’m in love with Randi Ragan’s book. Her sense of humor and her smartness lift my spirits. This book is meant for everyone in whatever stage of life and on whatever path – it serves up happiness."

Gurmukh Khalsa, Internationally renowned yoga teacher and spiritual leader

“A Year Of Living Mindfully holds a plethora of suggestions for the kind of self-care we could call soul-making. Drawing on different resources, experiences and traditions Randi Ragan offers a wonderful resource that can be a guide through the seasons or a place to dip into when Spirit calls.”

Oriah "Mountain Dreamer" House, author of The Invitation

"Living close to the earth with the seasons has all but been forgotten, at least in America, and it is wise to bring it back into consciousness. If I am yearning for it, then there are others. Randi Ragan, through her book, shows us a way."

Madisyn Taylor, DailyOM

"A Year Of Living Mindfully will make it possible for many others to partake of Randi’s valuable wisdom. This book is a clear and inspiring example of her love of her subject matter, and the important contributions her work makes to anyone wanting to live a happier, healthier life."

Rachelle Carson-Begley, Actress “Living With Ed”, Green-living activist, Contributor to Huffington Post

“This book had me at the first page! At its heart, this is a guide for people to find their divine nature in daily actions. I loved Ragan's exploration of how everyday tasks can have deeply meaningful purpose. Her suggestions are full of inspiration for each of us to develop our own unique way.”

LA Yoga Magazine

“This is a book you will carry with you everywhere. Randi's ideas are practical and soulful, offering a comprehensive path to health and beauty in a speeded-up world. A truly lovely book.”

Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling author of The Woman's Comfort Book and The Life Organizer

“I’m really impressed with this book, and for so many reasons. The research, the attention to detail and the passion that Randi Ragan has for her work is obvious throughout.”


About the Author - Randi Ragan

Holistic wellbeing expert Randi Ragan is the is the founder of GreenBliss EcoSpa (opened in 2006). For over twenty years, Ragan has led yoga and spiritual retreats, created experiences for healing and wellbeing and guided groups and individuals with rituals and ceremonies to mark life milestones. Her book is a compendium of these journeys and experiences. Her blog, The Mindful Living Almanac has been providing readers inspiration for mindful, seasonal living since 2008.