Mindfulness in Action


What is Mindfulness in Action?

Nourishment that is in the NOW.  Soul-tending that is simple and straightforward.

For example, everything in your morning routine can profoundly alter the course of your day when done with a sense of sacredness and in a mindful way. 

Engaging in healthful, deliberate, and beautiful morning habits has a cascading positive effect in all areas of your life throughout the rest of your day.



How you prioritize time, get out of bed, get the first food and drink in your body and perform your self-care routines, even to what you choose to wear and how you transport yourself once out of your house, are vitally important.

It’s all your holy ritual to greet the day and integrate with it.

Your life, as it unfolds EVERY day, is worthy of this kind of conscious self-care.

Connecting to small meaningful wellbeing rituals adds up to big important changes that can begin to shift the entire fabric of your life.



For real? Yes!

Simply put, we find meaning by doing.

By meaning, I mean insight, purpose, solutions – ‘aha’ moments, if you will.  By learning how to show up moment by moment in our lives, we are putting ourselves on a path of deeper understanding.

When mindfulness is put into play, everything else will naturally be affected by the expansion of this awareness:  personal relationships, work life, and the communities in which we live.

This is self-care that has the potential to radicalize the whole world!



How do you get started with this LIFE CHANGING, RADICALIZED
SELF-CARE, you may be asking?

This is where I can help.

I’m interested in getting guiding you toward finding and discovering the things in your daily life that you can turn into sacred rituals of truth, self-love, spiritual sustenance and soul healing on the deepest levels.  Things that will help you tap into having more energy, more good health, peace of mind, clarity, and focus  - in short, sustained wellbeing through and through – Holistic Wholeness



Your life holds the raw material, the deep reserves of sparkling gems waiting to be mined.  There are facets of you that already hold creative depth, fearless leadership, carefree kindness, the parts of you that are glorious and bold, strong, resilient and optimistic.

My Mindfulness in Action programs and tools connect you to your larger purpose, to your heart’s desire, to what you really want to be in the world for yourself and for others.

You don’t need to wait, though, for my next retreat!

Get immediate access to my Mindfulness in Action guided meditations RIGHT NOW.

Engage With Me:

My work incorporates my 20+ years of creating rituals and ceremonies based on the teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel, Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, health and healing principles from Ayurveda, TCM, traditional European herbal medicine, and Earth awareness.

My workshops and retreats are experiential.

By doing you integrate. 

By engaging whole body, heart, mind and spirit you are holistically understanding your experience and you store that experience within you on a cellular level.

These are the tools I use for experiential learning:

green icon Ceremony and ritual making

green icon Guiding writing and journaling

green icon Mindful nature walks

green iconYoga and movement

green iconGuided meditation

green icon Aromatherapy and herbal tea sampling

And always,

The four seasons are used to inspire the explorations and thematically organize the activities.



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